A Brief About Me

Turning Science Fiction Into Scientific Facts

Poseidon has developed a progressive career in curiosity-based research from academic (MIT Media Lab) to industrial (Microsoft Research Asia) to non-profit (San Diego Zoo Global) research institutes, where he received 4 research fellowships, 4 design and 10+ hackathon awards.

His strong curiosity towards nature inspired him to study the mechanism of sensing across species, especially red harvester ants. Poseidon has built cities for ant colonies, derived algorithms from ant trails, and discovered programmable techniques to communicate with these insects. These early research experiences gave him an unusual perspective on technological breakthroughs and market opportunities.

After investing in 32 companies (16x return) and developing algorithmic trading strategies (200x return), Poseidon found a bigger purpose worth dedicating his life to. Thus he dropped out from the University of Washington M.S. Technology Innovation and Tsinghua University M.Eng. Data Science to start the #Outliers, a startup accelerator and fund for radical research and emerging technology.